3-10-2021, 3-24-2021 Relevant, Remote-Friendly Tools to Teach Reading and Writing

First Literacy Workshop Registration (two sessions via Zoom)

Relevant, Remote-Friendly Tools to Teach Reading and Writing

Wednesday, March 10 and March 24, 2021
1:00 - 2:30 PM
Zoom two-part virtual workshop

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Participants are expected to commit to both sessions. 

Workshop Description 
If you're looking for relevant, student-written, online-accessible content that you can use to teach basic skills in a way that is aligned with the College and Career Readiness Standards, The Change Agent is an excellent resource! Join us for two workshops that explore how to use our articles in three formats (PDF, audio, and Google slides) to teach reading and writing at multiple levels. 

Participants will

  • learn how to access The Change Agent’s free lesson packets for teaching reading and writing; 
  • learn about The Change Agent’s remote friendly teaching strategies, including adaptable Google slide presentations and audio; 
  • become familiar with the new Call for Articles and will learn tips for how to bring the Call to their students and work with them to develop submissions.

Cynthia Peters works at World Education where she is the editor of The Change Agent and provides professional development to teachers (nationally and statewide) on persistence, standards-aligned teaching strategies, and the importance of relevant content. She has also been a longtime teacher in adult basic education and ESOL. 

This workshop is free to staff of all Massachusetts non-profit ABE and ESOL Programs.

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