2-14-2020, 3-20-2020 Instruction and Classroom Management for Adults with No or Limited Educational Backgrounds

First Literacy Two-Session Workshop Registration

Instruction and Classroom Managment for Adults with No or Limited Educational Backgrounds

Friday, February 14 and March 20, 2020
1:00 – 4:00 PM (snacks and networking at 12:30 PM) 

First Literacy
160 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor, Boston

(Across from Boston Common)

This hands-on, two-part workshop will place you in the role of language learner as you gain successful instruction and classroom management methods for varying levels of low-literacy adult ESOL students. You will experience an animated learning environment using differentiated instruction methods and accessible materials for three levels of low-literacy ESOL classes that scaffold upon each other. 

Introduction: Walk in Their Shoes  
You will experience the challenge of learning a new alphabet and new sounds.
~ You will take the first steps of communication in a new language.

ESOL/Literacy 1: First Steps in English and Literacy 
~ You will use the 3-step method for introducing vocabulary. 
~ You will work in simultaneous groups using differentiated instruction for students with different needs.   

ESOL/Literacy 2-3:  From the First Steps to Strolling 
~ You will do simple spoken and written activities designed for students with a range of abilities. 

Remedial Writing: Getting a Grasp of English Spelling and Grammar 
~ You will engage in written and spoken activities to develop, use and practice basic English spelling and grammar for students conversant in English with very low writting skills. 

Fatima Chibane
has taught low-literacy ESOL at The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. since 2006 where she has used customized, differentiated instruction to give low-literacy ESOL students a strong foothold in spoken and written English. She has co-presented several ESOL theatre and literacy workshops and in 2009 she was named Woman of the Year by the Malden YWCA for her exemplary work at The Immigrant Learning Center and within the Malden community. 

Jeantilus Gedeus has developed a finely-tuned approach to giving adult literacy learners accessible, step-by-step English and literacy instruction. Gedeus trains classroom volunteers working with low-literacy students and mentors teachers from other adult ESOL programs who visit the school to observe his instruction methods.  He has taught beginning ESOL/Literacy at The Immigrant Learning Center since 2011, presented low-literacy ESOL workshops and was named one of six Literacy Champions in 2016 by the Mass Literacy Foundation.

Kathleen Klose has been an ESOL teacher and program developer at The Immigrant Learning Center for 21 years, where she has developed programs for low-literacy ESOL, low-literacy citizenship preparation and theater-based ESOL instruction.  She has presented workshops on all three topics, published in TESOL and MATSOL about low-literacy and theater-based instruction, and led a sharing group for ESOL teachers of students with low-literacy skills.  In 2019, Kathleen was named Outstanding Educator of the Year by the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education.

Space is limited, so register early. Participants are asked to commit to both sessions.

We look forward to seeing you then!

This workshop is free to staff of all Massachusetts non-profit ABE and ESOL programs.

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