10-27-2023 - Novices to Navigators


From Novices to Navigators:
Cultivating Agency in Beginning English Language Learners

Friday, October 27, 2023
1:00-4:00 PM (Hybrid: Attend in person or via Zoom)
at First Literacy

160 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02116 (across from the Boston Common)

Workshop Description: 
Many of our beginning level English language learners are new to classroom learning. In this three-hour practice-oriented workshop we will explore simple tools, activities, routines, and classroom systems to develop our students' “learning-to-learn” skills, so they may become more effective, confident, and self-directed learners in class and beyond. 

Workshop Learning Objectives - Participants will be able to:

  • Describe systems and routines that help their students to stay organized and focused on learning
  • Identify the essential learning strategies they teach in their classes and ways to maximize those strategies
  • Implement planning and self-assessment tools students can use in class, for example:
    • Learner logs
    • Exit tickets
    • Recall practice
    • Question cards
    • Stickie notes

Sarah Lynn is an ESOL instructor, teacher educator and coach, and curriculum developer in the Boston area. She teaches high beginning-level ESOL at the Cambridge Learning Center in Massachusetts. 

This workshop is free to staff of all Massachusetts non-profit ABE and ESOL Programs.

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